19 Of The Best Suez Canal Memes: Boaty McStuck Face

19 Of The Best Suez Canal Memes: Boaty McStuck Face

We’d imagine the poor captain of the MV Ever Given (Evergreen) is having an awful time of it. After managing to get stuck across the Suez Canal the cargo ship has managed to block the lane for the hundreds of other vessels trying to pass through that region.

Around 50 vessels a day pass through the Canal, with the alternative journey requiring sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. That’s another 3,500 nautical miles to the journey that everyone would rather avoid. After a week, the Evergreen has finally been freed, which is good news for everyone.

Over the last few days though, all manner of memes have appeared online and they’re well worth a look if you’re looking for a good chortle.

Austin Powers was at the helm

Another of the best memes about the Suez Canal simply involves a gif of Austin Powers trying to pull off an infinite point turn of a vehicle after wedging it into a corridor. We can easily imagine the ship’s captain doing the same thing.

Steal the look

Looking to ride a wave of fame by stealing the look of the famed ship? Jamie Jones has you covered with some interesting suggestions including Dolce & Gabbana trousers and some bin stickers.

How to avoid ships

Though there’s no book on how to avoid getting your cargo ship stuck in a canal, there is a book on avoiding huge ships. The other boats in the canal could probably have done with a copy of this book. Which might explain why it was out of stock at the time of this Tweet.

Source / Pocket-lint

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