6 Tips to Create the Perfect Little Girl’s Bedroom

6 Tips to Create the Perfect Little Girl’s Bedroom

Decorating your little girl’s bedroom can be very challenging, especially if you’re looking for a general décor theme that will grow with her and still be relevant a few years from now. But actually it can be fun!

Aside from choosing the right colours, theme and furniture, you can consider adding the quality sheer curtains Melbourne residents use to create the perfect ambience. With many creative ideas to consider, you may be wondering where to even start. Let’s walk you through it.

Fun Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

Our experts understand that finding the perfect décor ideas for your little girl’s bedroom can be quite overwhelming. For that reason, they’ve compiled a few ideas that will help you find a starting point. Keep in mind that the aim here is to create a comfortable sleeping and playing space for your little toddler that can easily be transformed into a more grown-up teenage sanctuary—without breaking the bank!

1.      Pick an Accent Colour

While pink has traditionally been associated with little girls’ rooms, the reality is that not every young lady loves pink as much as you think she should. There’s nothing wrong with choosing an accent colour that doesn’t fit the conventional mould.

Lilac, yellow, peach and mint are common alternatives that work equally well with a theme to highlight your little one’s personality. Many designers suggest using different shades of the initial accent colour to avoid the colour overwhelming the whole theme. The golden rule here is to choose a colour that can easily be updated as your little girl grows.

2.      Choose Modular Furniture

If you don’t want to completely redo your little girl’s bedroom every time she likes something new, choose furniture that isn’t tied to a specific theme. Modular furniture is a good idea in this regard.

Modular designs are pieces that can easily be transformed into something else as your little one grows. For instance, a toddler toy box can become open shelving. Some cribs and baby beds can also be transformed into toddler beds or day beds as your children grow. Opting for a versatile desk will make a fun craft station in the early years and become a homework space in later years.

3.      Choose Sheer Curtains

Another common feature in little girls’ bedrooms is flowing sheer curtains that complement the primary colour. Alternatively, you may choose a darker shade of the primary colour. This will break up all the lighter shades and create some eye-catching contrast.

Many homeowners opt to add a layer of sheer curtains over the honeycomb blinds Melbourne residents are adding to kids’ bedrooms. A few common advantages of adding sheer curtains include:

  • Budget-friendly: Since sheer curtains are made from light fabrics such as polyester, they are considerably cheaper than heavier drapes.
  • Regulates light: Sheer curtains allow you to regulate the amount of light that enters the space. This is especially useful if your little one spends time in the bedroom playing or napping during the day. Heavier drapes may leave the room too dark. Using sheer curtains will give the room an airy feel.
  • Manages UV light: In addition to providing adequate natural light, sheer curtains also offer UV protection, especially in rooms where the little ones play directly in front of the window.

4.      Add a Daybed

If the space allows, you may consider a daybed in addition to her own bed. It offers you a comfortable place to relax while you’re hanging out with your little lady. It also provides a bedding solution when friends sleep over.

Choose a daybed in a neutral colour that will fit with any design and accessories, with pillows and throws for a casual, fun look. As she grows, you can simply update the accessories to suit her age and current design preference.

5.      Include Accessories

It’s no secret that most little girls like accessories, sparkly things and anything that personalises their spaces according to their growing identities. There are a bunch of different ways to help them personalise a bedroom:

  • Bedazzling their mirrors
  • Throw pillows with their names on them
  • Using wooden alphabet letters that the little one can bedazzle
  • Add picture frames filled with photos of their favourite people in a collage above the bed or desk

6.      Add a Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a wonderful addition to any bedroom. If you don’t have floor space, consider adding a few floating shelves above the desk space. Paint the back of the bookshelf in a bright shade of your accent colour to make the shelves pop.

Add a variety of fun and colourful children’s books to make bedtime stories a treat. Make the shelves work for whatever she’s interested in, from books to craft baskets.

Final Thought

Decorating your little girl’s bedroom can be a lot of fun. Include your little one in some of the design options by letting her pick simple things such as cushions and toys that can be used as accessories. The right amount of effort will give your little one a sanctuary where she can play, sleep and feel safe!

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