A Five-Step Guide To Joining The Metaverse

Joining The Metaverse

Joining the Metaverse may seem like a daunting task, considering the hype and so many variations.

But is it really that difficult?


It is, in fact, very simple, barely an inconvenience.

You may find a number of use cases for the Metaverse. But five things define the metaverse experience for the majority of users.

We’ll explore how to join the metaverse in a bit.

First, we need to address the Untamed Elephant in the room.

Why join Metaverse in the first place?

Why are people talking about metaverse experience so much? Why is there so much hype surrounding the concept? Isn’t it just another form of social media?

Let’s answer each question separately.

People are discussing the metaverse experience because they’ve been promised an alternate life in the Metaverse. Some people have experienced it firsthand by accessing metaverses like Decentraland using their fancy VR headsets.

Metaverse feels like a buzzword. People keep talking about it with little explanation. The reason behind this hype is our collective curiosity. While vagueness comes from the fact that the Metaverse isn’t fully realized yet. We have yet to see its final form, like an unevolved Aixe. We can assume what the final form will look like. But those assumptions can get vague; that’s why the whole “shrouded in mystery” vibe.

And the last question, no, it’s not just social media. It’s true that we will have social interactions on the Metaverse. But unlike today’s social media, Metaverse will be far more interactive.

This neatly segues to our next section, which is exploring how you can join the Metaverse for the best possible experience.

1 Wander Around

Just hear me out. You’re in a new world; what’s the first thing you’d want to do?

Explore it. No fighting, no buying, nothing of that fancy stuff.

Simple roaming around, seeing what the world has to offer. And that’s what you need to do in the Metaverse.

You have different metaverses to choose from, like XANA, Decentraland, Roblox, and many more. You choose the one you wanna visit and go for it.

No one’s stopping you. Just walk around, meet new people, and, yeah, experience teleportation.

Before you do all that, create an avatar for yourself. It is your digital representative in that particular Metaverse. So customize it to best reflect who you are (or go bonkers!)

2 Play Metaverse Games

You’ve played games before. You’ve experienced the highs of defeating an enemy. Metaverse will take that experience to the next level.

Your engagement has been limited while playing traditional games. In Metaverse, you can experience everything to its max (hypothetically).

In all sincerity, metaverse games are growing, but they’re not as polished as, say, God of War Ragnarök. You will face glitches; there will be some basic gameplay. But it’s all worth it when you experience these in the Metaverse with all your senses engaged and feeling like you are actually a part of the game itself.

In addition to playing the games, metaverse gaming brings with it a community experience unlike any other. You get to be a part of these active communities with your avatar and interact on a whole new level.

3 Don’t Forget the Concerts

Speaking of interactions on a new level, the metaverses have virtual events. You’ll be transported to a concert by your favorite artist without leaving your physical home.

You’ll get to interact with fellow fans as excited as you are to be a part of the concert. Doing all this will give your favorite artist the freedom to hold more concerts, explore more art, and come out as an even better artist.

There have been examples of virtual events, like that held in PUBG. That event had a dedicated award in the 2022 MTV EMAs. So if you want to embrace the future, this might be it.

4 Maybe join Metaverse as a professional?

It’s not all fun and games in the Metaverse. You can experience Metaverse as a professional.

Attend virtual meetings, have a digital office, make silly jokes with your colleagues. And talk about how your boss has to recognize your potential in the coming appraisal period.

It may sound boring, but this is already becoming a reality with big companies taking an interest in virtual offices.

5 Take a Piece of the Metaverse for Yourself

Don’t just be an observer; own some part of the whole metaverse experience. You have NFTs, virtual land, and much more to own in the Metaverse.

For example, you can customize your avatar with digital clothes bought as NFT. You can also invest in metaverse real estate. With so much hype potential, these investments can be highly beneficial.

You can even build your own “Worlds” on top of the land without any physical laws biding you.

Out of these five experiences, which one attracted you the most?

For me, it is the wandering part. No obligations, no connections, just transporting to a new world and enjoying my time.

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