Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking Your PS4

Everybody understands what a jailbreak is, but nobody wants to undertake it. True, it does have certain drawbacks. When it arrives to a PlayStation 4, it will change it to enhance its functioning.

Why would I want to jailbreak my PlayStation 4?

You’ll notice that Sony has restrictions on downloading and installing material on the PS4, however jailbreaking it removes all restrictions and enables you to install games via USB. We’re here to show you how to remove all restrictions on PS4.

What does it mean when I jailbreak my PlayStation 4?

Jailbreaking is an illegal activity and is not a government-sponsored service. This may void your warranty. Additionally, it will perform various changes to the system’s software. People jailbreak their cellphones in order to download and install games for free. However, you may wish to consider whether it is worthwhile.

What are the advantages?

  • Once you’ve jailbroken your console, you’ll be able to download and play your games for free or at a reduced price.
  • Additionally, you can play PS2 or PS3 games on your PS4 machine, which is not normally possible.
  • You are free to modify the ROM in any way you choose and to add various mods and themes to your games.

What are the drawbacks?

  • This will result in a void of your warranty. Sony’s customer support will not assist you if you have jailbroken your console.
  • You are unable to install new games. You’ll have to wait for newer versions to be pirated.
  • You are not permitted to play online games.
  • You will lose access to your PlayStation network. You may be blocked or perhaps permanently banned.

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How to jailbreak my PlayStation 4

Before you begin, you must determine the software version of your PlayStation 4. The jailbreak is only available for iOS 6.72 or later.

The start

If you have the latest version installed, regardless of what anyone says, you cannot jailbreak it. The incorrect file can permanently corrupt your console.

What do I require in order to jailbreak it?

To jailbreak your PS4, all you need is a USB flash drive with at least 1GB of empty space and a compatible PS4 console. Additionally, you will require WinRAR.

  • To begin, you must download the PS4 modified firmware file.
  • Extract the downloaded files using WinRAR (or another extraction application).
  • Connect your USB drive to your computer and copy the extracted file to the root of the drive — not to a different folder.
  • The console must be switched off. Insert the USB, then power up the console and wait a few moments.
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Navigate to System Update.
  • Navigate to Update using storage media.
  • Continue by pressing the proceed button.

Installing the custom firmware may take between 10 and 15 minutes. Following this, your console will boot onto v3.50 cfw, or custom firmware. You’re now free to download your favorite PlayStation games. You will be able to add mods, various themes, and a variety of additional features.

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