Best Cheap TV Deals For May: Save £1800 On LG OLED, £1000 Off Samsung QLED TV

Best Cheap TV Deals For May: Save £1800 On LG OLED, £1000 Off Samsung QLED TV

Are you looking for a new, cheap, 4K TV? Then your search is over, as we’re rounding up the best deals based on our great reviews this May.

These are all TVs with high-star ratings, ensuring they’re the best around today – and with the top savings too.

We’ll be covering popular 4K and HD televisions from Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and more, including some great cheap deals on 55-inch and 65-inch TVs.

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 Best Now TV deals

LG OLED C8 65-inch TV


  • Superb picture quality
  • Sophisticated Smart TV platform
  • Great audio performance
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support

There is a £1800 saving on this LG OLED TV that delivers its best picture quality, with a rich feature-set – it’s one of the best TVs we’ve ever seen, which now costs £1999 , was £3799.

Samsung Q9FN 65-inch TV


  • Greatest HDR picture quality to date
  • A robust audio system
  • An exceptionally sophisticated smart TV engine

This Samsung QE65Q9FN TV shines with full colour, contrast and brightness that serves up so much of HDR’s potential. Now costing £1999 and sports a £1700 reduction in cost.

Philips 9002 55-in 4K OLED Ambilight TV


  • Excellent value for an OLED TV packed with processing power
  • Gorgeously natural and impressive pictures
  • Its Ambilight talents sets it beautifully apart from the crowd

Save over a £1000 on the 55POS9002, which isn’t your usual Philips TV with its combination of an OLED screen and a new streamlined, ultra powerful processing engine seems to have uncovered a new side of Philips’ picture quality personality – priced at £999, instead of £2000.


Hisense 75U9A 75-inch 4K TV


  • It provides a huge screen at a middling price
  • Uses an advanced backlighting system
  • Is the brightest TV ever released

The 75U9A certainly makes a statement. By breaking new ground for brightness and local dimming zones, it sends a strong message that Hisense is far more than just a budget brand and it now has a £1000 saving, too.


Sony XF9005 65-inch TV


  • Direct LED lighting with local dimming results in outstanding HDR-friendly contrast
  • Video processing is excellent
  • Good value for what it offers

The Sony XF9005 deserves to be every bit as successful as its predecessor. It improves on performance in multiple key areas, including, most notably, brightness, colour, HD upscaling and motion clarity – with a £900 discount today.


Philips 803 OLED 55-inch 4K TV


  • Advanced image processing engine
  • Impressive HDR picture performance
  • Minimalist design

There’s a £200 saving on this Philips TV, which is a humdinger of an OLED telly when it comes to picture quality. Add a slick design, decent audio and crowd-pleasing Ambilight, and this is a set to shortlist.


LG OLED B7 55-inch TV


  • Wonderful blacks and excellent contrast
  • Boosted brightness means better HDR performance
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos support
  • Rich visuals

LG’s OLED55B7V is a stunning TV, an absolute joy to watch: it’s extraordinarily tempting, even more so with a £950 reduction, costing £1048, previously £1999.

Panasonic FZ802 OLED 55-inch TV


  • Sublime picture accuracy
  • Exceptional HDR images
  • Robust smart platform
  • Solid build quality

There is a £1000 discount on this Panasonic mid-range OLED TV that has great picture quality, a minimalist design: it’s a simple but effective smart platform with decent sound, priced at £1299, was £2299.


Other retailer cheap 4K TV deals

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