Best Geek Christmas Jumpers: Star Wars, Sonic, Game Of Thrones, Die Hard And More

Best Geek Christmas Jumpers: Star Wars, Sonic, Game Of Thrones, Die Hard And More

It’s that magical time of the year and the Christmas lights are a-flashing, so you can be forgiven for feeling like you’re missing out, stood there in normal non-flashing clothes.

But hey, you could always get with the spirit of things and show your wacky side with a garish Chrimbo jumper. Better still, you can even show off your geek knowledge by finding the most unique of sweaters.

To make your mission to achieve Christmas geek-chic a reality we’ve trawled the interwebs for the best geek Christmas jumpers out there. These are a fine collection of winter knitwear. From superheroes to Star Wars, everything geek cool has made its way onto a Christmas jumper this year.

Die Hard Christmas

Now I have a machine gun. There’s much debate as to whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, but you can wear the jumper form the movie nonetheless. Available from Amazon.

Boba Festive

This subtle, well subtler than most Christmas jumper features Boba Fett and Han Solo from Empire Strikes Back. You can get the jumper, for both men and girls available from

Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas jumper

What you thought Sonic didn’t celebrate Christmas? Here’s proof he does. Proof you can own by purchasing from Sega.

Mario and Luigi Christmas Jumper

Yep, that’s right. Mario, Luigi and even Bowser celebrate Christmas! And who doesn’t want them on their festive jumper! view on

Captain America or Deadpool?

Numskull has a whole collection of amazing superhero jumpers. There’s one each for Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Deadpool. Get this Spiderman one from Amazon.

Yoda feels your presents

Possibly our favourite Star Wars Christmas jumper ever, more for the quote than anything. Get it from Amazon UK.

Christmas is Coming

This is probably one of the best Christmas jumpers we’ve seen and it’s on Amazon.

Merry Street Fighter

Street Fighter gaming featured on your Christmas jumper? Yes please. We love the KO-KO-KO instead of HO-HO-HO writing. Pick one up for on

Christmas invaders

This Space Invaders-style jumper is perfect for those of you who are just as obsessed with classic 80s video games as you are the holidays. View on

Cracking fireplace Christmas jumper

Crackling fire jumper version two. This is available on Morphsuits.

I’m Batman, not Father Christmas

Batman cheer for the Christmas period. Why not? Truffle Shuffle has these available to buy.

R2-D2 Christmas jumper

R2-D2 on a Christmas jumper, errr yes please! Avaialable to buy from

Galactic Helmets Star Wars

We love this Star Wars jumper so much, we might even consider wearing it throughout the rest of the year too. You can pick it up from

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