Best Guide for Social Media Ads

Best Guide for Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a must-have for any business plan. They help in launching, building, recalling, and retaining your brand. Social media channels give real-time data and feedback. You can use the information and create an organization with an impressive pool of loyal customers/clients.

Are you planning a social media ad campaign for your business? 

This comprehensive guide will provide all the necessary information about tips & steps to devise an effective and value-driven strategy to get the most out of advertisements on various social media channels.

We will cover the topic in three sections:

  • Things to Consider for a Value-driven Social Media Ads
  • Steps to Create Ads for Social-Media
  • Types of Ads for Social Channels

Things to Consider for Crafting a Social Media Ad

Shooting a video and posting on different channels is half the work done for your social media campaign. You can also use one of the leading video ad-makers for effects, and templates and enhance the appeal of the social media ads.

Before making a video ad, businesses need to understand and plan the content for the advertisement. If you know your customers and product well, it will help in making an engaging and relevant ad campaign.

Set Clear Goals

The first thing to consider is the desired outcome of the ad campaign. There should be clarity on goals for the business. Take a notepad and write it down. The purposes of social media ads could be many, such as pre-hype for a launch, the introduction of a product, generating leads for the email list, traffic on the website, etc. 

Several global brands such as Kia Motors, MG Motors, Samsung, etc., are using videos for pre-hype.

Know Your Audience

You should know your audience even before launching a business. Spend time, research online, and meet people personally if possible. Vital considerations about your target customer/client base include age, gender, climate, culture, behavior, interests, etc.

Thanks to the technology, you can map your market segment through Facebook and Google Analytics. The platforms provide specific filters, and you get real-time live data. You can analyze and decide almost the actual target customer base with these advanced tools on the web.

Decide on goals and know your audience before working on a social media ad campaign.

Analyze Outcomes

You’ve got data: now it is time to analyze it. It will help in assessing the prospective impact on the audience. One of the most used and reliable methods is the A/B test. 

In this method, you create multiple ads and conduct a trial to see the desired outcome of message delivery and response from the target audience.

You can try one of the video ad makers to create several options. This software generally provides a range of templates, colors, patterns, etc., to choose and make a desired social media ad.

How to create an ad for social media:

Step 1

Browse a video ad maker with a rich library of templates, themes, and options.

Step 2

Register with your full name, email ID, and mobile number. You will get a verification email on the registered email id. Click on the verification link, and you are all set to show your creativity.

Step 3 

Log in with the credentials and go to the dashboard.

Step 4

Select a template from hundreds of free options available on the software. They generally offer free and paid versions.

Step 5

The selected template must relate to your business and the nature of the product or service.

Step 6

You can also begin fresh and design as you like.

Step 7

Next, upload images/videos and start creating social media ads. Once uploaded, you can drag & drop them on the canvas.

Step 8

Add effects, text, colors, and patterns. Personalize the text and video for the target audience. Carefully customize the logo, thumbnails, and taglines. These will make all the difference from your competitors on your target social platforms.

Step 9

Check and review before finalizing the social media ad. Once done, download and share on social channels.

Types of Social Media Ads

The type of social media ad depends upon customer expectations, industry trends, and changes in technology. You must have seen several formats of ads on different social media platforms. It is also significant to understand the core audience of prominent social channels to make the right decisions for specific segment-wise appeals.

Image Ads

These are easy to make and generate maximum traffic for your website. Almost all social channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., have the option to run image ads on their platforms.

Video Ads

All social platforms support video ads. It is the most effective and interactive ad format for your business.

Carousel Ads

You can use this format to explain the brand story in steps. It could be ‘how-to-do’ or about your product or service for awareness and explanation.

Product Ads

As the name suggests, this format of social media ads deals with retargeting customers. Businesses use Facebook Pixel and other advanced tools to track buying behavior and suggest product ads accordingly. 

Collection Ads

This type of ad provides an immersive product experience for customers.

Interaction Ads

Instant experience ads on Facebook, Conversational ads on Twitter, Stories ads on Instagram and Snapchat, and Messenger ads on Instagram and Facebook are interactive ads on social media.

Text Ads

Highly effective for crisp and targeted messaging.

Lead Forms Ads

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram offer this format of ads. You can also avail auto-fill option where customer information gets automatically filled in the form. It could be promotional and for retargeting with different social media ads.

Concluding Remarks

We have explained things to consider for an effective social media ad, steps to create a stunning ad, and types of formats. In addition, you should also know the core audience of each social media platform. It helps in calculated decision-making and gives value for the money with a full-proof social media ad campaign.

The differentiating lines have blurred over time. Almost all social media platforms are making changes to be more business-oriented and focused on a better visitor experience.

Follow our comprehensive guide for social media ads and grow your business towards newer heights.

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