Best Soundbar And Soundbase 2019: Boost Your TV Audio

Best Soundbar And Soundbase 2019: Boost Your TV Audio

Looking for a soundbar to boost your TV audio and want a single-box solution without the fuss of a receiver and a million different wires? Then you’ve come to the right place in our soundbar and speaker base round-up.

Whatever your budget and goal, we’ve collated a selection of options to help boost your TV’s audio. Simple, quick, and in many cases offering good value for money, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to boosting your TV sounds.

Best soundbars

Whether you’re after a compact soundbar, a smart soundbar with voice control, or an all-singing, all-dancing Dolby Atmos soundbar that delivers an immersive experience, these are some of the best options available.

Polk Command Bar


The Polk Command Bar is a remarkable soundbar that offers features rarely found elsewhere at a price that is hard to believe. If it was just a 2.1-channel ‘bar and sub’ combo it would be worth buying thanks to an impressive audio performance, but the inclusion of HDMI inputs and a wireless active subwoofer are simply unheard of at this price point.

The Command Bar also has built-in Amazon Alexa, meaning you can simultaneously operate it with your voice, stream your favourite music and control other smart devices in your home – all while ordering your favourite pizza. The bottom line: you won’t find a better soundbar for the price. It’s outstandingly good value and sounds great too.

Samsung HW-Q70


The Samsung HW-Q70R is an excellent midrange soundbar and subwoofer combo that delivers a big and bold Atmos and DTS:X sound performance, even if a little front-heavy.

The single HDMI input is a little disappointing but the Samsung HW-Q70R offers easy setup, an attractive design and it’s ideal for film fans and gamers, while the solid build quality and decent features help justify the price tag.

Wharfedale Vista 200S


The Wharfedale Vista 200S is an affordable 2.1-channel soundbar with an active wireless subwoofer included in the box. It’s fairly basic in terms of features, with only an HDMI connection, Bluetooth, and EQ modes worth mentioning but it sounds good with movies and music and it is easy to set up.

The Vista 200S’s big sell is its price point though. You’d be hard-pushed to find a soundbar that includes a wireless active subwoofer for anything approaching the same price bracket. Overall, this Wharfedale soundbar has a polished sound quality that upgrades the audio on your TV with the minimum of fuss and at a highly competitive price.

Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400


The Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 is a 2.1-channel soundbar with an included active wireless subwoofer and it performs well with both movies and music. Its discreet and well-made design offers the company’s MusicCast built-in, as well as good bass.

There’s no Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support and you’ll only find one HDMI input but there is voice control via Alexa and there is also the option to buy this soundbar without the wireless subwoofer if you’re on a budget.

Sony HT-ZF9


The Sony HT-ZF9 is a compact and very well made 3.1-channel soundbar that not only supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, but it offers 7.1.2 surround sound through effective virtual sound processing. Other features include 4K HDR and Hi-Res audio support, as well as built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Chromecast.

Its interface can be confusing and while the HT-ZF9 can’t compete with soundbars that deliver immersive audio in a more traditional fashion, the HT-ZF9 has a lot to recommend. Movies and music both sound good, while Sony’s application of digital signal processing to create a virtual immersive experience is often very successful.



The LG SK10Y soundbar offers big and dynamic sonic performance, along with excellent Dolby Atmos implementation. There is solid bass thanks to the wireless sub and this soundbar has a gorgeous design with a fantastic build quality. It also offers Google Assistant voice control built-in, along with Chromecast.

It lacks DTS:X support and it has limited HDMI inputs, while the soundstage is front heavy, but the partnership with Meridian Audio is a great addition and as a result this soundbar’s sonic performance is focused as much on music as it is on TV and movies.

Samsung HW-N950


The Samsung HW-N950 offers superb immersive sound quality, coupled with excellent Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support with genuine 7.1.4-channel performance, thanks to a wireless subwoofer and rear speakers. It has an attractive design with a solid build quality, as well as a decent set of features.

There are only two HDMI ports, limited room equalisation and it’s a pricey bit of kit, but the HW-N950 is a fantastic soundbar overall that delivers amazing sound quality with TV shows, movies and music. It offers a level of immersion we’ve only previously experienced with a separates system.

Bose SoundTouch 300


The Bose SoundTouch 300 offers a superior build quality, supports multi-room functionality and it comes with a host of features including built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC for tap-to-connect and Bose’s QuietPort and Phase Guide technologies. It also offers Dolby Digital, DTS support and Alexa voice control.

Lacking a little in bass and being pricey for its segment considering the lack of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are the Bose SoundTouch 300’s two main flaws, but overall, this soundbar delivers an open soundstage while also retaining plenty of detail and clarity.

Sonos Beam


The Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar that not only delivers an expansive performance for its small size, but it offers multiple voice assistant support – Alexa and Google Assistant are both onboard. It also supports the Sonos multi-room platform, making it a perfect addition if you have Sonos speakers already, doubling up as an excellent speaker and soundbar in one.

There is no Dolby Atmos support and it’s expensive if you consider adding additional speakers or the Sonos Sub, but the Sonos Beam sounds great for both music and movies and it’s a great soundbar to consider if you not only want to boost your TV audio, but you want to make your living room or bedroom smarter too. If you need a bigger Sonos soundbar, you could consider the Playbar instead of the Beam.

Sony HT-ST5000


The Sony HT-ST5000 isn’t a subtle soundbar. Instead, it is big, bold and a rather beautiful addition. It’s huge physical size gives it a serious look but it offers serious sound performance too. Spotify and Chromecast are both on board, there are three HDMI ports and Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are both supported.

This soundbar isn’t cheap, there are no rear speaker separates and the display doesn’t confirm the playback format but the Sony HT-ST5000 is a soundbar all about all-round entertainment and convenience that delivers excellent audio performance.



The LG SJ9 offers great Dolby Atmos effect, coupled with rich and meaty sound from its compact design. It’s all-round performance is impressive and we enjoyed living with it, though LG’s MusicFlow system isn’t as good as it could be.

There’s only one HDMI port and this soundbar isn’t as impressive as a separates Atmos setup but the LG SJ9 will still offer an added dimension to your movie watching, whilst also being a capable soundbar for music once everything is setup.

Samsung HW-MS650


The Samsung HW-MS650 delivers great audio with no fuss. It’s very easy to use as a single box sound solution and it performs so well that it would be impossible not to recommend it. There are options for a rear channel, better mounting options and a way to make this soundbar part of a multi-room setup, all adding to its appeal.

Dolby Atmos isn’t supported and the display doesn’t show you a great deal but the HW-MS650 is well connected, easy to setup and it sounds fantastic. It is a single-box package that delivers in abundance.

Orbitsound One P70


The Orbitsound One P70 is quite a bit cheaper than some others on this list and it’s designed with the option to use it in three different ways. The P70 can sit flat under the TV, wall-mounted with everything included in its box, or it can be flipped 90-degrees to act as a tabletop speaker.

It offers a broad spread of sound and an integrated subwoofer offers an extra bass kick. There’s a couple of different finishes too, including bamboo, and you’ll find optical and 3.5mm inputs, along with Bluetooth connectivity. There’s no HDMI but the P70 looks good, sounds good and has everything you need included in the box.

Samsung HW-K950


The Samsung HW-K950 is an excellent way to bring Dolby Atmos into your home. It offers great performance when fed an Atmos source, it’s simple to setup and it offers plenty of power with genuine immersive audio. It has 4K passthrough and its own HDMI ports, allowing the K950 to sit at the centre of your home entertainment system, delivering wonderful sound.

The only real downside is the lack of DTS Master Audio support, meaning that while you’ll get exhilarating 360-degree audio from some Blu-rays, a large number of the latest discs will play in rather flat stereo. Otherwise though, it’s an excellent one-box solution.

Best TV speaker bases

For bass you need space – something flatscreen TVs inherently lack. We don’t all have stacks of space available in our homes, so a speaker base, a device that your TV can sit on, is an ideal solution. Here are some of the best.

Q Acoustics M2


The Q Acoustics M2 is a great one box stereo and subwoofer solution. It comfortably out-performs rival products at a similar price. Importantly, the M2’s sound profile is great. Whether in Movie or Music modes, it sounds wide and rich from all angles. A pricier system might be fancier, but the M2 delivers everything you could want and more.

Sonos Playbase


The Sonos Playbase features a super slim and solid design, coupled with a fantastic sound quality that offers ample bass without the need for the Sonos Sub. It also delivers seamless integration with the Sonos multi-room system, making it both an excellent speaker and boost for your TV audio in one.

It’s quite pricey and there’s no HDMI or DTS Surround support, but the Playbase is a have-your-cake-and-eat-it kind of speaker. It’s great for music, radically enhances TV audio, blows away the Playbar’s more dated design, and is the perfect addition to Sonos’s full around-the-home audio package.

Denon DHT-T100


The Denon DHT-T100 is affordable, designed with simplicity in mind and also doubles as a good quality Bluetooth speaker. We’ve used it for both TV audio output and to double as a stereo replacement for listening to tunes in the living room.

The design is attractive and the compact dimensions will appeal to those who like to keep things tidy, but that comes with the caveat that it will be too small for some of the older or bigger TVs out there, and it doesn’t have the hugest of bass performance, unlike the Sonos. It’s the price point paired with the good all-round performance that makes the Denon DHT-T100 an attractive prospect though.

Orbitsound SB60


For its price the Orbitsound SB60 delivers plenty of audio thump thanks to an adjustable equaliser and built-in down-firing sub. Unlike the Denon, the Orbitsound lacks Bluetooth, but it’s an ideal solution for TV.

There’s less bass than from a system with a separate subwoofer would offer, but for the price the Orbitsound is a darn good solution that won’t eat into precious floor space.

Onkyo LS-T10


The Onkyo LS-T10 is one of the more premium speaker base solutions out there. It delivers an impressive performance, enhancing sound from your TV, or use the USB and Bluetooth connections as additional benefits for listening to music.

We’re less impressed by the supplied remote which appears rather cheap, especially as it’s the only option you have for changing the bass level. But once you have the sound setup as you want it, it’s smooth sailing.

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