Bonus of site and their features


And the summerhouse itself? 

That is also veritably good. You’ll find a wide range of places then and everything works snappily and easily. The live summerhouse is also veritably complete, with all popular games and cozy Dutch dealers. 


 50 free spins no deposit 

 also 200 further free spins 

 No wagering conditions! 

 still, you’ll incontinently admit 50 free spins on Fire Joker without having to deposit, If you visit TOTO Casino for the first time. These spins are worth€2.50. 

 TOTO Casino has no 꽁머니 conditions, which is unique among legal online pavilions in the Netherlands. So you noway have to worry about doing commodity wrong with a perk. 

 The only thing you have to pay attention to is that you use the free spins within 7 days. 

 Is there a no deposit perk? 

 TOTO summerhouse is the only Dutch summerhouse with a no- deposit perk. 

 In collaboration with Mister Casino, TOTO Casino offers you 50 free spins on the Fire Joker niche, incontinently upon enrollment . The spins have a value of€0.05 per spin. 

 What you win is instant cash. 

There are no annoying wagering conditions and you can simply cash out your winnings. So that really is a adventure without any threat! 

 All players who have made a deposit at least formerly will also admit 10 free spins nearly every Monday as a no- deposit perk. For that reason alone it’s worthwhile to deposit an quantum formerly; you earn this back automatically after a while with the free spins. 

 As a regular player, do you frequently admit lagniappes? 

 Yes, TOTO Casino regularly sends emails with offers. On Monday you nearly always get 10 free spins on a niche, without having to deposit. In addition, you sometimes admit a deposit perk or a free bet for the sportsbook. 

 There are also lagniappes for the live summerhouse. For illustration, there are regular elevations at TOTO’s own live blackjack tables and at Lightning Roulette. You also snare redundant prizes in the form of cash or free spins. 

 Mister Casino keeps an eye on whether TOTO remains so generous with 꽁머니

 Is there a fidelity program? 

 At the moment TOTO Casino doesn’t have a fidelity program, similar as Circus Casino has. Mister Casino understands that there are no plans for this moreover. 

 What do superstars get? 

 There’s no personality program. You have to go to Holland Casino Online for that. 

  What kind of places are there? 

 TOTO summerhouse has about 900 places from numerous different game providers and that number is still expanding every month. 


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