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These requirements deal with protection aspecs for domestic and public 안전놀이터 system, trampolines, football dreams, and inflatable play gadgets.

Furthermore, in 1995,playground-associated accidents amongst youngsters a long time 14 and more youthful price over $1.2 billion.

The National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS)

 is a pacesetter in advocating for the introduction of secure public play environments for youngsters and imparting sources and facts for secure outside play withinside the United States. They function advocates for youngsters on troubles that relate to playground protection earlier than authorities and regulatory groups. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is likewise dedicated to defensive youngsters from maintaining accidents at the playground. 

The CPSC has written a handbook (PDF link) that consists of essential protection facts for individuals who purchase, install, and keep public playground system.

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Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use

  • This customer protection overall performance specification presents protection and overall performance requirements for diverse forms of public 안전놀이터 system and dimensional necessities for his or her clearance and use zones. Its cause is to lessen existence-threatening and debilitating accidents. 
  •  The variety of customers encompassed with the aid of using this customer protection overall performance specification is the fifth percentile 2-yr-antique thru the ninety fifth percentile 12-yr-antique. 1.three Home playground system, toys, entertainment rides, sports activities system, health system meant for customers over the age of 12, public use play system for youngsters 6 to 24 months, and gentle contained play system aren’t protected on this specification.

Specification for Home Playground Equipment

This customer protection specification presents protection necessities for diverse forms of domestic playground system meant to be used with the aid of using youngsters elderly from over 18 months thru 10 years. It in addition presents such necessities for swings meant mainly for toddlers. Different age limits for diverse necessities are determined on this specification. These limits replicate the character of the dangers and the predicted intellectual or bodily cappotential, or each, of the kid to deal with the dangers. 

 Home playground system is described as any product wherein the guide shape stays desk bound even as the hobby is taking vicinity and is meant for a kid to carry out any of the subsequent sports: mountain climbing, swinging, sliding, rocking, spinning, crawling, or creeping, or aggregate thereof. Fitness system is mainly excluded except connected to the play system. 

This specification isn’t meant to use to juvenile care merchandise including, however now no longer confined to, toddler swings, playpens/enclosures, beds, or furniture (together with outside furniture, including picnic tables, cradle rockers, hobby facilities getting used as walker substitutes, bouncers, jumpers, toddler providers, and merchandise mainly designed for healing use). This specification isn’t meant to use to system for use in locations of public meeting including schools, nurseries, day-care facilities, and parks. 

Equipment meant to be in child-care facilities in personal houses isn’t exempt from the necessities of this specification. Such facilities are described as conditions wherein the kid-care company does now no longer take care of extra than six youngsters below the age of ten that aren’t dwelling withinside the family of the caregiver, and the whole range of youngsters below the age of ten does now no longer exceed ten, together with the caregiver’s very own youngsters. Electrically operated steady air inflatable gadgets are exempted from the necessities of this specification. 

Free status play homes are exempt from this widespread in which the rationale is that the kid is status or seated with their toes at the floor with out a mountain climbing, sliding, or swinging sports. 

Three Methods of figuring out merchandise that observe this customer protection specification are given. four are for informational functions handiest and aren’t meant to restriction or propose positive forms of playground system or system capabilities. 

These illustrations aren’t meant to restriction the range or diverse combos of system which can be protected with the aid of using this customer protection specification. 

1.four The cause of this specification is to lessen the probability of existence-threatening or debilitating accidents. 

1.five If toy add-ons or toy chests are connected to domestic playground system, they’re relevant to this customer protection specification and to every other relevant protection requirements. 


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