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It’s a great opportunity to reshape your life, grow, become a better person, and discover new (better) ways of living. This is the growth stage of Toto Major Site 메이저사이트.

You will no longer think about gambling and will be able to deal with everything that is thrown out of life. You can eliminate the impact gambling has on your behavior and face and deal with problems.

You can sacrifice yourself for others and pay love and attention to those around you. In addition to this, the experience of overcoming gambling addiction gives us great personal insight. You will be able to better understand yourself and others and be more powerful in new lives free from gambling.

Circle of change

The above problem The three gambling stages are great tools for visualizing recovery processes. Still, they are not ideal for recognizing the potential course or recurrence that is common even during a sustained recovery period of Toto메이저사이트.

In the late 1970s, a “super-theoretical model” was developed to study the experiences of smokers working on their addiction and to outline multiple stages of change. This model is run on the premise that people change habitual behavior on an ongoing basis in a cyclical process rather than changing it quickly and decisively.

According to this model, there are six stages of change.

Precontemplation: During this stage, people do not realize that their behavior is problematic or can produce negative results. They often overestimate the positive and negative sides of changing their behavior.

Contemplation: At this stage, people will start to act healthier or refrain from unhealthy behavior in the foreseeable future. They recognize that their behavior is problematic and begin to explore the pros and cons of making a change more thoughtfully and realistically. However, these people may not yet be sure if they want to make a difference.

Determination: At this stage (also called the preparatory stage), people are ready to take action within the next 30 days. We believe that taking small steps toward the desired change and making a change can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Action: In the “action” stage, people plan to make changes recently and move on. This may be revealed by changing problematic behaviors or learning a new healthy type of behavior.

Maintenance: At this stage, people will succeed in maintaining the newly revised behavior for a period (defined as more than six months) and will continue to maintain it in the future. We try to prevent a recurrence and don’t want to return to our previous unhealthy behavior.

Conclusion: At this stage, people do not want to return to unhealthy behavior and are confident that it will not recur. However, reaching this stage is extremely rare. Because most people are in a maintenance phase, a terminal phase is rare.

The course and recurrence are mentioned only during the maintenance phase mentioned above but can still occur at any time. Although such relapses may slow the person’s progress, it is very important that the person retains hope and continues to move forward.The above two models have certain limitations and are not perfect, but they can give you the stance you need to win the battle. Now let’s see what we can do.Take care of oneself.


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