How Long Does Electric Longboard Batteries Last?

Electric Longboard

Have you ever questioned how long electric longboard batteries last? Most people do, including me! After a lot of research and work, I can answer this query. Moreover, I have mentioned the best battery types for your electric longboards that last longer.

How long does your electric longboard battery last?

If you are maintaining your board and battery skateboard, choose the li-ion battery for yourself, a standardized battery. To final for 300-1000 fee cycles in advance than accomplishing eighty% of its capacity. If you use your electric-powered skateboard every day, the storm will ultimate for approximately 1-3 years.

The most significant existence factor of the battery is what number of cycles your batteries can take before the capability drops. In addition, lithium-ion could continuously lose its capacity because they have a restrained span.

Every rider desires to have their board and battery so long as viable. For this purpose, I researched batteries, keeping a storm, and lengthening the lifetime of a battery.

Those types of batteries are best for your longboard.

There have been three main types of batteries in the market highlighted for a long time now.

  1. LiPo Lithium Polymer batteries
  2. Li-ion lithium-ion batteries
  3.  LiFePo batteries

1.   LiPo Lithium Polymer batteries

Lithium Polymer batteries are more effective; however also greater risky and now not so easy to manage. But, on the other hand, they aren’t so high-priced, and also you revel in less voltage-sag.

  • Advantages: They are now not fabricated from particular cells but are more fluid. So they can be constructed in distinct forms and shapes. LiPo batteries are a good deal less expensive!
  • Disadvantages: LiPo Battery asks for good care. It calls for a bit of understanding, and These batteries also are a good deal greater sensitive to Physical or temperature harm. They’re less secure and will begin a fireplace if not dealt with properly. E-skateboard groups don’t need to be reliable for those types of accidents. Moreover, Lipo has shorter life compared to LiFePo4 battery and Li-ion.

2.   Li-ion lithium-ion batteries

Everyone is a user of lithium-ion batteries. We all know them and use them in our daily lives. They are found in electric devices like laptops, smartphones, and other electric appliances. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion.

  • Advantages: Lithium-ion batteries are safe. They are already used in technology. They also have a much longer lifestyle. They are used in construction, building, crafting, and practicing Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion is common, and that makes it budget-friendly.
  • Disadvantages: Li-Ion Batteries revel in voltage-sag. It isn’t always fun to experience voltage sag, and e-skate boarders usually do a lot to avoid it.

3.   LiFePo4  batteries

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Batteries are rare because they are newly made in industries. Because of that, now, not many commercial electric skateboard organizations use this type of battery.

  • Advantages: LiFePo4 doesn’t have quite a few voltage sags and features an extended lifestyles cycle.
  • Disadvantages: LiFePo4 is rare and high-priced.


Lastly, The most important factors are temperature, regular recharging, and depths of discharge. So, don’t expose your electric longboard to very high temperatures to have a long-life battery for your longboard. I hope this blog proves very informative to you.

Happy skating!

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