How Roblox ‘Beamers’ Get Rich Stealing from Children

How Roblox 'Beamers' Get Rich Stealing from Children

Underneath the gaming platform worth $68 billion and used by over half of all children in America is a ballooning and highly profitable ecosystem of hackers and traders. From a report: Motherboard spoke to 11 people connected to Roblox beaming (Roblox slang for getting hacked and your items stolen), including victims, the people who administer the marketplaces where people then sell Roblox items, and hackers themselves. There’s a ballooning and highly profitable ecosystem where hackers stand to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of items in minutes, with many victims including children. The sketchy, and sometimes illicit, economy sits in the shadow of Roblox’s legitimate business, which is worth $68 billion and which half of all children in the U.S. play on in some form. One beamer called Max told Motherboard how he targets many of these victims. “I go to servers with rich idiots, then message every single one of them,” he said. Roblox isn’t a single game but a free application players download onto their PC, phone, or Xbox games console. From there, they can access tens of millions of different games, or as Roblox calls them, “experiences,” made by members of the wider Roblox community and player base. At the time of this writing, popular Roblox games include Murder Mystery 2, where players try to identify the killer; Pet Simulator X, for players who want to take care of and trade pets; and Hide and Seek Extreme.Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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