How to Trade PKT Cash

How to Trade PKT Cash

Cryptocurrency is digital money that is accepted as a means of exchange. Cryptocurrency does not exist in paper form like paper money and operates through a technology database called blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are accepted everywhere in the world – with unrestricted access to people wherever they are.

The economic purpose of the cryptocurrency, just as paper money, is to make transactions (both making and receiving payments) generally seamless. There are numerous cryptocurrencies in the world today with its difference and functions. Some of them include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

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Understanding the PKT Network

PKT Network is a decentralized platform that’s controlled by everyone that participates in it. With PKT, there is provision of economic incentives for people to perform some technical services online and use the Internet to their benefit. The global network makes use of the PacketCrypt.

Its goal is to become the fastest internet service provider (ISP), displacing other traditional ISPs and giving millions of people easy access to the Internet.

Why PKT Cash?

PKT Cash is the world’s first proof of work that users generate from monetizing the Internet. It was created to support a decentralized bandwidth market.  Replacing the Bitcoin’s SHA256 with PacketCrypt, PKT is not a token but a mined coin. It is created as a crypto token every sixty seconds from indefinite and continuous internet use, using the PacketCrpyt proof of work.

Even technical networks pay some of their infrastructure providers in PKT Cash for accessing the network. It is easy to mine PKT Cash because it does not require technical capabilities to so.

Unlike other crypto tokens that people have access to, PKT is a means of making money through connection to the Internet. With just connection of your home or office internet to the PKT network, you can join millions of people that earn from the PKT’s global infrastructure.

There are many reasons why you should not be hesitant to trade PKT Cash and they include the following:

Use of bandwidth-technology

PKT Network makes use of bandwidth and encryptions. Therefore by monetizing the data transfer rate when you use the internet, you can earn money.

No centralized authority

With PKT Network, there are no pre-miners, no CEO, no central authority nor investors. Only the proof of work which is an incentive system is used in this cryptocurrency.

This article will give you simple tips on how to trade PKT correctly and with ease.

How to Trade PKT Cash

How to Trade PKT Cash

The PKT Network employs two types of mining which are open to all users:

  1. PKT.Cash can be mined through Announcement Mining, a type of mining that one can do with a CPU-based device and;
  2. Block Mining, which needs a powerful CPU that has very strong internet connection and technical skill.

You can mine your PKT Cash from any of the above-mentioned mining types, one can trade PKT by complying with the following steps:

Telegram Account

To earn PKT Cash, you need to own a telegram account. If you do not have one, create a new account because PKT can only be traded in an Over-the-Counter market (OTC) in a telegram chat. Note that it has to be a private chat. OTC here refers to an Over-the-Counter market where trading is carried out electronically without the use of a third party or a central exchange.

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Disbursement Method to be Used

Ensure to make use of approved escrows when trading. Only approved escrows are to be used for disbursement.

The DeFi World

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) in the cryptocurrency world involves various technology and applications which grants users financial control over their money without middlemen. Enter the DeFi world and become conversant with it.

Sales and Purchase of PKT

Since CEX Listing for the cryptocurrency is still in progress, you can purchase, sell or stake Wrapped PKT (wPKT) on Pancake Swap.

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Trading PKT is not as hard as people think it is, more reason why a lot of people are earning loads of money through the PKT network. We have discussed some steps to aid you in trading PKT Cash without difficulties. Hopefully, these steps will serve you well when you intend to trade PKT Cash to earn more income!

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