Instagram Will Use New Methods to Verify your Age

Instagram Will Use New Methods to Verify your Age

Instagram is experimenting with new age verification methods. In addition to the currently available technique of just uploading your ID to the app, which can take up to two days to verify, the social media app is now offering two other options.

The two new techniques involve uploading a video of your selfie on Instagram or requesting endorsements from your followers. With the first choice, you will be guided through on-screen instructions for capturing a video selfie, including how to swivel your head at various angles to achieve an accurate picture.

Only Yoti, one of Instagram’s partners who specialises in age verification, will have access to the selfie video. Based on your facial features, Yoti will determine your age and will then delete the video. It simply takes 20 minutes to complete the verification process.

age verification instagram

The second choice is known as “social vouching,” and as the name implies, it entails getting recommendations from your peers, although there are some requirements. You must ask your mutual followers to vouch for your age, but they must be older than 18 and not vouching for anybody else at the moment you ask them to do so.

Three references must be asked to vouch for you, and they have three days to answer. Other security measures are also in place, but Instagram has not yet made them public.

age verification instagram

For two reasons, Instagram wants to know your age. In some nations, you must be 13 or older to use Instagram, and the app wants to customise your experience based on your age.

It is unknown when the feature will become available to the general public because it is still in testing.

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