Is Axolom Packing Underwear good for Holding an STP Packer?

Is Axolom Packing Underwear good for Holding an STP Packer?

Recently we have tested Axolom’s packing underwear and thought to share a review regarding the underwear.

We start finding alternative packing underwear. We have used Rodeoh underwear but It’s costly. So, we start finding budget-friendly FTM STP Packing underwear for the second time. We found transguysupply bandit and Axolom STP underwear. However, we would Axolom underwear friendly. We found one of their products Axolom STP Packing Underwears. If you doesn’t know what is STP packer, then you can read FTM Packing Gears.

There are many types of STP packers in the market but due to the many types, we cannot properly consider which one to buy. I was also hesitant about this. Then I looked at many websites. There are various high-quality and low-quality STP packers available. Within this, I have selected two-three STP packers. After using it I found that most of them are not sweet for my body. Then I bought some STP Peckers from an Axolom company that fit my body.

We purchased three different types of packing underwear such as Axolom STP Jockstrap, Axolom STP Trunks, Axolom Packing Boxer, etc. For covid19, they sent the package after 7 days of purchasing. We received the package within 7 days. We read the review of Axolom STP Packing Underwears by TransLGBTQ.

The STP Jockstrap, trunks aren’t functional. The underwear holds the packer gear in position. It keeps the STP packer well. The underwear is breathable and comfortable.

On the other hand, the FTM packing underwear is functional and comfortable for long use. The nut is movable. However, we try it for a couple of days.

How to position an FTM STP packer?

Hold the packer in the right direction. You can position the FTM STP packer from the clitoris to the bladder. You can follow Axolom Tutorials for better ideas.

Those of you who are interested in purchasing STP can purchase them from the list of STP Packers. STPs in this list will be good for your body. If you check and find any problem contact them and they will try to solve the problem. We also got in touch due to this little problem with one of our packages and they sent us a new package. We are very satisfied with their service. We want you to enjoy using our services. You can purchase your packer by following the list below. Here are the lists:

  • Axolom Thinker

  • Axolom Handy

  • Axolom Monseigneur

  • Axolom Fusion

  • Axolom Knight

  • Axolom Kangaro

  • Axolom Hob

  • Axolom Hose

  • Axolom Squire

  • Axolom Zeus

  • Axolom Homerun

  • Axolom Classic

Those of you who are going to buy a new STP packer must check various reviews on YouTube before buying. I also checked reviews on YouTube and from there I came to know about this company. If you search properly, you will find that most of these companies have good reviews. We also tested for this and after testing, we concluded that this packer is easily available and useful for all people.

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