Kodak’s Disposable Camera Review


This camera is not new to us. It’s something we know since we were children. And it was probably the first camera that allowed us to experience photography. That made it possible for us to devote all our time and energy to this passion.

The camera basically works in 4 easy steps

  • You can advance the film with your thumbwheel to load the next frames.
  • According to your convenience, you can either recharge or disable the flash function.
  • Click the shutter to take the photo
  • Continue the process for the next shot by moving the film.

As you can see, there are very few options. You only have one speed, and you only have one aperture.

We have also the sensitivity to the film and builtin flash which you can use for different results.

The Kodak Disposable Camera Lens

The camera comes with a polycarbonate lens, which provides decent results. You’ll notice that the edges are not as defined as in the middle. Additionally, you should note that the chromatic aberration can be seen throughout the entire photo.

You see, this is exactly what you are looking for when using this type of camera. Or, are you going tell me that you prefer an uninteresting instagram effect to mimic this effect. :3

FunSaver’s speed shooting

The camera shutter speed hovers around 1/100thsec. This speed is very good for taking shots. The aperture can also be changed to an unspecified number, f/ 8 or f/ 11. This is combined with the 800 ISOfilm gives a decent balance for most daylight situations.

Do not expect to capture scenes containing a lot movement.

There are many options to use this combination. Just get out there and start shooting. You will soon learn more about it, as well as what you can do with imagination.

The Film Inside The FunSaver camera

As we said, this disposable camera with a Kodak UltraMax ISO 800 film.

This film can be used in almost any light situation. You will get excellent results indoors if you don’t have a flash.

While the lens can add uniqueness to the end result, what matters most is the quality of the photograph in terms colors, contrast, tonal range and color. The film has been on the market for thirty years and is mounted in a high-end camera that excels at its performance.

Low Light Situations

The Kodak FunSaver includes a sidelight. This function is designed to be used in low light conditions. The 27 photos in the camera’s gallery can easily be covered by flashing the flash.

Mention that your flash can be recharged manually using the button located on the front of the symbol. This way, the user can decide how to use the function.


But its limitations make it enjoyable, and its utility has improved. Today, we have the ability to capture an image with our mobile phones even when we don’t have one.

It’s really valuable in the experimental recreational aspects of the process. We can achieve some results by ourselves to a certain degree.

Because of this, the type and nature of the user are different. It’s no longer the usual travel photo that we want to photograph with an urgency added. It’s a way to experiment with taking photos and have fun.

Because of this, best disposable camera is an emerging subculture of photography. That is what we will be happy for throughout 2021.

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