Learning twice as much with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation

Learning twice as much with PRINCE2 Agile Foundation

I recall completing a learning assessment on the first day of graduate studies at university, which asked, “What sort of learner are you?” My learning style was shown to be kinesthetic, which surprised me since I had always considered myself to be a visual learner. I learn more through my own experiences than by listening, watching, or writing down. It’s no surprise that I always struggled with tests in school but excelled at projects in college.

When it comes to learning by doing rather than by sitting in a classroom, traditional methods of teaching and working might be inefficient for those who prefer to learn by doing rather than sitting in a classroom. When my boss gave me the option to participate in a PRINCE2 Agile course, which I thought would be a fantastic opportunity for professional advancement to take a course from sprintzeal and to add more depth to my career, I was a little unsure about the learning structure.

In her blog article Smashing the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Courses, AXELOS Social Media Lead Rasha Akar emphasized how being in a classroom atmosphere brings out the student in all of us. We are given a fresh new course book, and we are encouraged to communicate and discuss in small groups depending on the information we can provide. The session only lasted a day and a half, with the remaining half day being used to complete the test on a laptop computer, which was provided.

One of the best things about instant results is that we can see how well we are doing right away. I am pleased to report that I passed the course; although my score was only one percent higher than the pass mark, I consider this to be a significant accomplishment given how limited my knowledge of project management frameworks, principles, and applications was before taking the course.

The difficulty of the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course lies in grasping the fundamental PRINCE2 Certification ideas as well as the agile approach to them in a short period of time and taking into consideration all of the complexities that this involves. It is the union of two frames that, according to common thought, are complementary to one another in nature, and it doesn’t get much more romantic than that. This tool, on the other hand, provides a 360-degree view for both experienced project managers and those who are new to project management and may help them see things from every angle.

Participants who need prior information and those who learn best by reading, writing, or listening will benefit from completing the course, which will validate good project management experience and make you seem as the star of your course. It is also an excellent course to serve as an introduction for individuals who are just starting out in their careers as project managers. A robust set of project management ideas and methodologies are established, which are both current and efficient in their use. To put it simply, you will learn how to reduce risks while increasing productivity among your teams.

Whatever your preferred learning method, make sure you prepare for the course’s rigor before you enroll. Success is achieved via hard effort and a variety of highlighter colors.

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