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In every scenario you will be presented with, a single action constitutes the mathematically best course of action to take based on what is expected of you the most. In the section on a strategy that follows, you’ll find more in-depth coverage of that topic.

You will be given replacement 안전놀이터cards once you have discarded the cards that you do not want to keep. After that, you will receive a payout determined by the quality of the poker hand you have been dealt. This game does not include any wild cards at all.

One piece of strategic advice

One piece of strategic advice that we can give you right off the bat is that you should always play for five coins per hand. If you play for fewer than five coins, the payout for the best possible hand in the game (the royal flush) is 500 to 1. However, if you place the maximum bet of five coins, the payout for the royal flush is 800 to 1. This hand only comes up sometimes, but it significantly impacts the payback percentage you receive.

The payouts for a full house and a flush are 안전놀이터8 to 5, respectively. When video poker manufacturers want to adjust the payback percentage for this game, those are the two hands where they change the payouts. This is similar to what happens with Jack or Better.

When deciding which game to play, the odds of getting a full house and a flush are the two factors that should be considered first. The version of the game that requires full payment is 8/5. Anything less than that constitutes a version of the game with a lower payout. In either scenario, the payout for Aces and Faces video poker is almost always significantly higher than any of the casino’s slot machine games. This is the case regardless of which scenario is being considered.

The payback percentage

The payback percentage differs depending on the version of the game that the player is playing. Remember that this is a theoretical payback percentage based on the assumption that you are making the correct decision (mathematically) on every hand you play. This is an important fact to keep in mind.

The following is a theoretical breakdown of the payback percentages based on the various pay tables you’ll see: Take note that even the paytable with the lowest payout potential still has a payback percentage of 97%. Because of this, it is considered one of the best games in the casino, even though you should look for a game with a more favorable pay table.

It is easy to calculate the advantage that the house has over the player in the game. To calculate the payback percentage, subtract that number from 100.

The house has an edge of less than 1% when players opt for the full-pay version of the game (8/5). The house edge is only 0.74%, which places it on par with or above many other blackjack variations.

Strategy Based on the Aces and Faces

A video poker strategy chart or cheat sheet is nothing more than a list of possible hands arranged according to their desirability level. Begin at the top of the Aces & Faces strategy chart to apply it effectively. When you reach a hand identical to your own, you should stop playing and preserve the specified cards while discarding the others.

Compared to the strategies required for other, more complex games, Aces & Faces are very straightforward. It shares many similarities with the strategy that should be used for Jack or Better.


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