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When we were participating in the online 토토사이트version of the Slotfather Part II slot game, we did not get that sensation. Instead, each sign evokes a sense of excitement and potential abundance. After you’ve spent some time with the game, you might get the same feeling of dissatisfaction whenever you see the teetering tower or the butcher’s knife. On the other hand, it is pleasant to not experience the feeling straight away.

In addition to the line pay symbols, you will also토토사이트 see the Slotfather truck, which serves as a wild sign, as well as three different gangsters. An explanation of what each of the symbols represents is provided below. When you begin playing Slotfather Part II for actual cash, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the size of your stake. As is the case with the vast majority of slot games, the bigger your wager, the better your chances of activating bonuses.


You have the option to play with anywhere from one to five coins. The coin denominations range from one cent all the way up to one dollar.

Return to Player (RTP) for Slotfather Part II is set at 96% of total wagers placed. That is closer to the extreme end of the range than the average. This indicates that your chances of winning when playing The Slotfather are higher than they are when playing other slot games.

In addition, the volatility of this game is medium. This indicates that the frequency of your wins will be proportionate to the size of the prizes they award.

The Slotfather Part II online slot machine comes with a tonne of different bonus features, and those features might be the source of many of your huge wins.

Slotfather II: Bonus Functions and Features

Some individuals are curious about how to win on the Slotfather Part II. The extra features of the game offer the finest opportunities for winning big amounts of money. The gangsters are represented on the reels by stacked symbols, each of which takes up three positions. Even if they are only visible on one or two areas of the reel, it is still possible to win line payouts whenever they appear.

The true excitement, though, arises when you line up three or more complete images of the same gangster on the reels at the same time. That will start the bonus gangster minigame once it’s activated.

The true excitement

As soon as the minigame starts, you will be sent to the warehouse office where the mob keeps their goods. You will have six manila folders in front of you at all times.

You can get your cut of the money from the numerous businesses owned by the mob, such as Frankie’s Deli, Alfredo’s Travel, and Tony’s Restaurante, by clicking on the appropriate folders in the inventory.

You are allowed to continue clicking on folders and accumulating cash awards until you locate a folder that contains a symbol for the word COLLECT.

The Gangster bonus mini-game always utilises the same fundamental format throughout its entirety. However, the potential awards are not the same for everyone because it depends on which mobster triggered the bonus.

In the event that you become confused about which mobster is which, you can differentiate between them based on the colour of their suits. This is what you should anticipate from each of the gangsters.


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