Safety Playgrounds: What You Need to Know


One of the key components of a 안전놀이터is its surfacing. It should be made of soft material and should not be built on concrete, which may result in falls. Soft materials will reduce pressure on joints and will reduce the impact of falls. In addition, the playground must have well-maintained guardrails to prevent falls.

Protective surfacing

Playgrounds are always at risk for injuries, but the proper protective surfacing can minimize the risk of injury and even life-threatening injuries. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) developed guidelines to determine the optimum protective surfacing for a playground. These guidelines are based on tests that determine how much a fall from a particular height can injure a child. However, some playground equipment does not require protective surfacing, such as ground-level play elements.

The ADA requires playgrounds to meet certain requirements. Many types of safety surfacing are available in the market today. Choosing the right one for your playground depends on factors such as budget and accessibility. A quick review of the various types of playground surfacing will help you make an informed decision about the safety features you want to offer.

Open slides

Open slides are an exciting and fun way to engage your children in physical play. However, you must be sure to ensure their safety. Open slides need to have a guardrail or rail to prevent tripping and falling. Also, the slide surface should be clean and free of debris. If you’re using a plastic slide, make sure it’s in a shaded area, away from the afternoon sun. Also, make sure the slide is the right size for the children who will use it.

Injuries on playgrounds are very common and can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of injuries is falling. While the best playground equipment is padded, children can still suffer injuries from falls. To ensure your child’s safety, make sure that your slides have a minimum depth of 12 inches. Also, make sure that the slide is at least six feet from the edge of the play area. You should also make sure the slide is set up with a 안전놀이터zone around it, avoiding placing it too close to a fence. Another key to playground safety is to avoid any equipment with ropes or jump ropes attached. And, as a final safety precaution, make sure that your slides are in a location where children won’t get sunburned.

Sharp edges

A safe playground should be free of sharp edges and protrusions. Whether the equipment is stationary or not, sharp edges can cause severe injuries. Additionally, playground equipment must be durable and free of rust and damage. It should also have no loose pieces that could catch on clothing or snag a child’s hair. Finally, the playground should be fenced in properly so children cannot climb on or slide off the equipment.

Sharp edges and exposed bolts and screws can also be dangerous. Children can get entangled or injured in these hazards. Rough bolt ends are another entanglement hazard and can impale children.

Strangulations on playground equipment

Strangulations on playground equipment are preventable injuries that can cause serious injury or death to a child. The most common form of strangulation is caused by entanglement of the head and neck. This can be a result of a bicycle helmet or a child’s clothing being entangled in a piece of equipment. To prevent strangulations, playgrounds should always inspect their equipment for loose parts and snagging points.

Strangulations on playground equipment can be caused by loose clothing, a child’s clothing, or even a leash. Clothing entanglement is especially dangerous on slides, because the force of gravity may be too strong for a child to free himself before the drawstring is pulled tight. Open “S” type hooks and ropes are also potential sources of strangulation.

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