Samples of hereditary gambling addiction


The International Classification of Diseases is called gambling addiction (“gaming addiction”). This problem should be taken as seriously as drug addiction, nicotine addiction, and alcohol addiction. The medical community believes treating gambling addiction is more complex than other illnesses, requiring a personalized treatment and rehabilitation program. If all online casino 안전놀이터users played free slot 777, this problem could be avoided.

The essence of the problem

Online casino customers do not risk their capital during free slot games. If you lose, the credits issued by the institution will be written off and will not turn into real money. Playing seriously leads to the fact that especially addictive gamblers can lose big money. As a rule, this leads to relatives worrying about the player’s financial well-being and “start ringing.”

Factors that determine game addiction

Experts highlight several aspects that may determine a casino visitor’s predisposition to gaming addiction.

    • Heredity
  • Ambient atmosphere

Characteristics of the educational process

Gambling addiction often presents itself during adolescence. Even if your teen doesn’t love gambling in your family if you constantly put yourself in an environment where you play cards and other games for money, you’ll get into gambling after a while. A young and immature body will not be able to overcome the temptation of gambling. In such situations, parents must do everything they can to prevent problems.

Hereditary Gambling Addiction – A Real-Life Example

According to psychotherapists, hereditary addiction is the most difficult variant. It is difficult to correct, the person cannot cope with the addiction, and only professional treatment leads to positive results. In the future, certain rules must be adhered to, such as avoiding gambling companies.

After turning 18, I started gambling actively at online casinos안전놀이터. Maybe I wouldn’t have played, but financial problems forced me. My mother works two jobs, and I never knew my father. I had nowhere to wait for help. But I thought I’d give it a try. At first, I got lucky and earned several hundred yen. After that, however, he almost lost and had to borrow money from a friend to get him back into the casino. As a result, I ended up with a huge amount of debt. Her mother was shocked when she learned I had lost thousands of dollars. After that, her mother said, “We broke up because my father was always at the gambling hall.”

Gleb, 38 years old

My story is mediocre, but the only difference is that I have a hereditary gambling addiction. A long time ago, I heard from my grandmother that my father was killed on a train because he could not accept that he had lost at cards. As an adult, I was hooked on poker, playing in seedy clubs. When I lose a lot, for some reason, I remember my father’s story. After consulting with his wife, we decided to stop. Because I didn’t want to step on my father’s second dance. I haven’t gambled at all in the last three years.


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