Samsung is to Release its low Priced Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

The communication holds great significance for ages, and in the modern times, it has got more importance due to increased business and trade. There are lots of devices over a period used for effective communication, but the emergence of mobile technology has changed the way of communication. In the field of mobile also, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime has brought huge changes. The messaging and call features are not the only way of communicating as there are many other options of messaging and exchange of files.

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational company which has its headquarters in Seoul. Having a range of electronic products in the market starting from air-conditioning, fridge to smart phones, Samsung has a strong hold in the Indian Market. In the arena of smart phones, the movement of Samsung taking over Nokia was quite a spectacular event over the years. Every person who wanted to buy a smart phone would opt for Samsung, and even now with more and more brands giving it a hard competition, Samsung stands to be one of the leading mobile phone companies in the country. Samsung produces smartphones of every price range starting from the people with a tight budget constraint or to high-end phones. The Samsung Galaxy series proved to be a strategic move by the brand and customers of any monetary group wanted to possess a smart phone from the Galaxy Series.

A new addition to the group is to happen in September 2020, when Samsung will release its brand new Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime. This phone is the first 5-inch smart phone which will be available at such a low price and will cater to all the functions of a smart phone. Restricting the customer base to mainly the lower income group, here are some of the specifications that will help you decide if it is supposed to be a good buy or not.

Display and Screen

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime has a high definition (720 x 1280 pixels) IPS LCD screen. This excellent device has a pixel density of 294 PPI, and at the given price this phone has a vivid and bright display which will not be anything less than a treat for its buyers. There is 5.0-inch screen size that can help to have the standard use of the device. The screen is also provided with multi-touch and capacitive touchscreen. The device also has a body to screen ratio as 70.51%.  With the help of a standard screen, one can easily use the device at its best.


For a smartphone, the camera is a must. There is a front as well as a back camera on the device that can help the user get the best of the images and video shooting. The phone consists of a 5MP primary camera and a 2 MP front camera with LED flash. The rear camera captures good image quality pictures considering other phones within the similar price range.The camera of the device is much useful for the users who love to get quality images and video quality.


The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime price in India is expected to be 4,490 INR. Therefore falling under the low price range, this phone can be a choice for the customers looking for a smart phone under the price range of 5000 INR. The device in this category has got tough competition as there are many devices from different models that can compete across the market with numerous models.


The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime, of course, one of the cheapest smart phone available in the market but apart from this factor, one might consider buying this phone for the following reasons: its good battery backup, massive expandable storage capacity, stylish and chic looks and a smooth performer. For the people who are aiming to buy a 5-inch display touch phone but has a really low budget, this phone is a perfect choice. So, you get a chance to own a touch screen phone which won’t be heavy on your pocket but also will be easy and smooth to use.

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