Samsung S20 Colours: All The Colors For The New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ And S20 Ultra

Samsung S20 Colours: All The Colors For The New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ And S20 Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series is here and it’s available in a bunch of different colours as you’d expect. But which is the right one for you?

Here we’ll tell you what’s available and show you images of the phones in each S20 color. Here are all the colours available globally, as well as which ones are available in the US and UK.

Galaxy S20 range colours

Galaxy S20: Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink (US/UK Colours), These Are The Colours Globally:

Galaxy S20+: Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black (US/UK Colours), These Are The Colours Globally:

Galaxy S20 Ultra: Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black (Global Colours)

Note that there are two models for each of the S20 and S20+ – a 4G and 5G version of each. The S20 Ultra comes in 5G only but there are two storage size variants – 128 and 512GB.

You can check out the latest pricing for each model in this feature: Samsung Galaxy S20 deals and pricing.

Here’s the black S20 Ultra next to a blue S20+ and pink S20.

Each S20 colour in detail

Cosmic Gray

Here’s the grey S20 Ultra next to the same blue S20+ and pink S20 from the above picture so you can notice the difference between the grey and black,

Here’s another of the grey where you can really see the contrast between the grey and the black in the S20 Ultra ad.

Cloud Blue

Here’s a couple of photos we took of the blue S20 – notice the pearlescent finish.

Cloud Pink

And here’s the S20 in pink – again notice the pearlescent finish which looks great.

Cosmic Black

The black is fairly dark and, like previous glossy black Galaxy phones, will no doubt attract fingerprints aplenty. It’s certainly one of the most difficult phones to photograph! You can also see it in the S20 5G Ultra ad we’ve included above.

Galaxy Buds+

And, finally, check out the Galaxy Buds+ in blue! They look ace. And there’s a picture of them in white below so you can see them in a more standard colour, too.

Source / Pocket-lint

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