System76 Engineer Confirms Work on New Rust-Written Desktop, Not Based on GNOME

System76 Engineer Confirms Work on New Rust-Written Desktop, Not Based on GNOME
Phoronix reports:System76’s Pop!_OS Linux distribution already has their own “COSMIC” desktop that is based on GNOME, but moving ahead they are working on their own Rust-written desktop that is not based on GNOME or any existing desktop environment. Stemming from a Reddit discussion over the possibility of seeing a KDE flavor of Pop!_OS, it was brought up by one of their own engineers they are working on their “own desktop”. System76 engineer and Pop!_OS maintainer Michael Murphy “mmstick” commented that System76 will be its own desktop. When further poked about that whether that means a fork from GNOME, the response was “No it is its own thing written in Rust.” Word of System76 making their “own” desktop not based on GNOME does follow some recent friction between Pop!_OS and GNOME developers over their approach to theming and customizations. Or, as Murphy wrote (in response to a later comment):What are you expecting us to do’ We have a desktop environment that is a collection of GNOME Shell extensions which break every GNOME Shell release. Either we move towards maintaining tens of thousands of lines of monkey patches, or we do it the right way and make the next step a fully fledged desktop environment equal to GNOME Shell. In other comments Murphy clarified that essentially the gist of it would be an independent/distro-agnostic desktop environment, and that they’d be “using tooling that already exists (mutter, kwin, wlroots), but implementing the surrounding shell in Rust from scratch…” And he added later that “We already do our best to follow freedesktop specifications with our software. So there’s no reason to think we’d do otherwise.” One of the most interesting exchanges happened when one long-time Reddit user questioned the need for another desktop. That user had posted, “Linux is great, choices are great, but our biggest problem is that in the pursuit of choices for the sake of choices we have a ton of projects that are 95% of the way to prime time readiness, but none that are fully there, because instead of fixing problems, everyone decides they just want to start over.” Murphy responded: “You have it backwards. Choice is the best part about open source. None of us would be here today if people weren’t brave enough to take the next step with a new solution to an existing problem…”Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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