The Common Problems Of Water Purifiers And The Importance Of Servicing

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Reverse Osmosis, commonly known as RO is the most common water filtration technique used in Indian households. But what exactly does a RO water filter perform, and what is RO? By searching for – RO service near me in Lucknow, you can get experts at your doorstep.

RO aids in purifying unfiltered water of contaminants. With this novel filtering method, water is deionized by exerting pressure on it as it travels through an absorbing, semi-permeable layer.

This technique eliminates infectious substances or large molecules. The water subsequently moves from the more concerted side to the less concerted portion to create clean, pure drinkable water.

Permeate is treated water which has been cleansed, and brine or litter is treated water which has been left over. Given their critical role in the process, RO filters and membranes must be restored as soon as possible. Your RO unit needs routine maintenance to run as efficiently as possible.

Importance Of Changing The Filters and Cartridges – 

A filter acts as the water purifier’s lungs, removing harmful waste from your drinking water and guaranteeing that only the purest and safest water reaches you. Over time, dirt may clog the filter, permanently destroying the filter.

Additionally, because the filters are carbon-based, they decrease their ability to absorb with time and must be replaced regularly. Given this, it’s essential to maintain monitoring RO carefully and change your RO filter as necessary.

How Often Should You Replace Them?

Within three to four months, the pre-filter RO, which is installed well outside the RO water purifier, must be changed. However, the quantity and quality of the distilled water play a role. It is preferable to change the other pre-filters, including the DI cartridge, carbon filter, as well as a sediment filter, after 6 to 12 months. 

The amount of water that goes through them will determine this, but each filter has to be examined separately.

You must replace your RO filters within a year to be certain and safe. The RO membrane, on the other hand, has to be replaced every two years. If routine RO maintenance is neglected, pollutants might enter your drinking water and endanger your health.

Here are a few straightforward explanations for why your RO water purification system can suddenly discontinue working. You can also search for water purifier service in Lucknow, and get to contact experts.

  • No Water in The Tank – 

It may occur sometimes. Perhaps you forgot to turn on the water filtration system in the morning after turning it off at night. You would have finished the tank’s water supply in the meantime and left it empty.

The problem is foolish, thus the answer is also simple. It is possible to turn on the power supply and confirm that the feeder valve is open. In no time, your purifier is back to normal operation.

  • Feeder Valve is Shut Off – 

There is often no separate water intake for the RO water filter at home. To direct water to the water filter, we place a feeder valve on the main kitchen water supply. Although having such a setup is not at all advised, many individuals nonetheless do.

Examine the feeder valve if necessary. It could be unintentionally turned off. Resuming the water supply towards the purifier by turning it on will quickly get it back into action.

  • Malfunction of the Pressure Pump – 

The machine must push water at high pressure across the RO membrane for the Reverse Osmosis procedure to work. A built-in pressure pump is included with every RO water purifier. As laypeople, we are unable to determine if the pump is working properly.

Here’s a quick hint. When you turn on the water filter, the pressure pump starts to whirr. The pump is broken if you do not notice these sounds.

  • Short-Circuit Of The Low-Pressure Switch – 

Input water for RO water purifiers must have enough pressure. The machine immediately shut off when the pressure drops below the standard. The machine may potentially stop working if the low-pressure switch shorts out.

The low-pressure switch should always be easily replaceable by your AMC contractor. Additionally, make sure the input water pressure remains within the permitted ranges.

These many scenarios might cause your RO water purifier to cease working. Although you may easily solve the smaller problems, you might need to call the authorised service provider to address the bigger problems.

Having an AMC for your RO water purifier is thus advised. AMCs are offered by certified repair facilities in exchange for a little charge. It guarantees that the expert comes to your home frequently to check on the machine’s operation.

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