Tips for Quick Recovery after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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After you are done with the wisdom tooth extraction procedure, there is a recovery period for it. This period lasts for a few days. While this recovery period is going on, you may feel some discomfort, pain and swelling. It is normal to feel these. To make sure that you have a quick recovery, you need to be careful about some things.

Below, we have listed some great tips to follow after the tooth extraction treatment.

Listen to What Your Oral Surgeon or Dentist Prescribes

Your dentist or oral surgeon is your best guide when it comes to having a quick and easy recovery. This is because every tooth extraction case is different from others. Your dentist would tell you Dos and Don’ts that suit your case. Make sure that you follow his or her post-surgery instructions as efficiently as you can.

Keep Your Bleeding in Check

Normally, on the first day after you have tooth extraction surgery, some blood oozes out. Also, you may observe some redness in your saliva when you rinse. It is better to first rinse and then use a gauze pad for covering up the area to control the bleeding. To minimise the bleeding, you should try to sit straight. In addition, you should avoid performing any extreme exercise for some days.

You should avoid spitting excessively. This is to ensure that the blood clot does not dislocate out of its socket. Such a condition is known as a dry socket. There is a high chance that it would hamper the process of your recovery. According to some popular studies, chlorhexidine is great to prevent dry socket from happening. Therefore, you can ask your dentist or dental surgeon to apply a chlorhexidine gel to prevent this condition.

Take Your Medicine to Manage Pain

A wisdom tooth extraction procedure is unlikely to not cause any pain. To lessen the pain, your oral surgeon would prescribe you some painkillers to manage the pain. Make sure to have the prescribed medicine to ease the pain and perform your daily tasks.

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Use the Ice Packs

If you get your molars removed, it may cause some bruising and swelling of the cheeks. To cure the swelling, you can place an ice pack on them for around twenty minutes. Generally, the swelling gets reduced in two to three days. However, the bruises would most probably take longer to cure.

Rest a Lot – As Much as You Can

Since it is a long-term recovery, it is recommended to take some days off. It is better to not resume your normal routine immediately. Therefore, after you are done with tooth extraction surgery, make sure to get a lot of rest for at least some days. It is recommended to keep your head quite raised. You can use pillows for support.

Do Not Consume Tobacco

Tobacco products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco can detriment your post-recovery. Also, if you smoke, there is a high chance it would cause a dry socket. This would prevent your recovery after the treatment. Therefore, it is better to avoid using all tobacco products for at least some days to heal quickly.

Most dentists would recommend you avoid tobacco at all costs after the wisdom tooth extraction surgery. You can search Dentist near me in sector 3 Gurgaon and fix an appointment online.

Take Your Oral Hygiene Very Seriously

Your dentist would recommend you to not brush, rinse, spit or use mouthwash for 24 hours after the extraction surgery. After this period, when you brush your teeth, make sure to do it gently around the wound. In addition, it would be better to be gentle when you rinse your mouth with a sterile mouthwash.

It is good to use lukewarm saltwater for rinsing after having a meal. For avoiding any setback in recovery, it is better to wash your mouth about every two hours.

Dental procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction and dental implants can be stressful and painful. However, if you follow the above-given tips, you would recover fast and easily after these dental surgeries.

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