Tips to Induce Positive Attitude in Students

Positive Attitude

It is proven in several studies that the human mind is very powerful and it can do anything but what controls it is perception. It depends totally upon the perception that one can win or one can lose. History is witness that many leaders attained the position of leader because their attitude was positive and perception about themselves was optimistic. Although they were not very giant physically, their positive attitude was giant and they used to invoke this positive attitude and win the wars in a jiffy. The same thing rules in the education sector also. Students have several responsibilities along with their tasks and targets of their academic life which they have to take care of having completed their daily homework. So much burden that too in this age sometimes breaks the confidence level of the students, they start to think negatively of themselves. These days schools have incorporated new tools to manage the things related to schools and curriculum of the students like admission management system and fees management system which supports the fees and admission management and provide ease to the students. There are several other tools like admission management system and fees management system to help in learning of students like LMS portals but tools can’t fix the attitude once it becomes negative in students. 

Negative thoughts are like a cage which imprisons students in his or own mind and makes them powerless so whenever they see any task, they will refuse to accept it as they think they cannot do it. Here tutors play a very significant role. Tutors can take the whole matter of this negativity into their hands and fix it by inducing a positive attitude in the students. Let’s understand how it can be done. Positive thinking is good for physical, mental and emotional health. Keeping this in mind tutors should remember that students always imitate their tutors and parents. Positive attitude is contagious so positive thinking always gives positive results and if the kids or students see that positive attitude of their parents’ tutors always gives positive results then they will also feel like practicing it once at least. Also help them in practicing the positive attitude and keep them optimistic. Sometimes we believe what we see and for the child no one can be better than his/her parents and tutors to look on optimism working. Tutors can create a positive learning environment where no student will be criticized for his/her mistakes and they are allowed to make mistakes just they have to not to lose hope and be optimistic to learn the lesson. Tutors need to make students give presentations on the lesson they have prepared and make them face a mob of class and should strictly instruct their classmates and allow them to make mistakes to boost their confidence level. This positive environment will change negativity of students to positivity.

Tutors need to make students understand our attitude is directly related to our capacity to accomplish tasks. Human mind can make impossible things possible just because of a positive attitude. Whenever plan activities with the students make them understand come what may they will learn something and this good aspect of trying always. Give them effective quotes about positivity like even the word “impossible ” says I’m possible. And make them understand that mistakes give us a chance to accomplish the task more fruitfully. Most importantly eliminate the negative statements from the minds of the students like ” I can’t do it”, “it is not my cup of tea”, ” I am not capable of doing it” or “how can I do it, I am weak”. As a tutor, give a positive talk and statements to the students like “Yes I can do it” and make him/her believe that he/she is not alone in this struggle, you are there with him/her. As a tutor your belief in the student and your attitude towards your student matters a lot. A tutor’s belief and trust on his/her students boost his/her self-confidence.  Show your student that you are the biggest fan of his/her efforts and zeal to win. Your trust in him/her will increase his/her wish to fight with full strength and win. Every student likes to be rewarded so never forget to reward the efforts of your student, this gives a confidence to the student to perform well and a good feeling that his/her efforts are not un-recognized.


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