What are some ways in which butt slang is used?


A butt is an obsolete English unit of volume equal to two hogsheads of liquid. It can be anywhere from 450 to 1000 liters. Butts was originally used to measure the volume of wine and beer. Butts has since been replaced by hogsheads. 꽁머니 are considered obsolete in England, but they still have a cult following.


The term buttock is a common slang term for the posterior region of the body. It is derived from the Old English button and the Middle English button. It has been used to describe the one-body part since the early 1300s. Buttocks may be single; buttocks are often specified as left or right.

To augment the buttock, plastic surgeons can perform buttock lifts. These procedures are performed through a small incision in the upper buttock. Excess tissue is then rotated under the buttock skin, thereby increasing the size of the buttock.


Callipygian buttocks are a coveted characteristic of women, and the word comes from a Greek word meaning beautiful buttocks. The term was first used in Greek to describe a statue of Aphrodite Kallipygos, the goddess of love, who is known for her perfect posterior. The statue can still be found in Naples.

Callipygian buttocks are shapely and firm, and the skin is smooth. They are also free of stretch marks or fluid pockets. Callipygian buttocks are much more desirable than steatopygia buttocks, which lack definition and tone due to excessive fluid buildup.


Myalgia of the butt is a rare term for pain in the buttocks. It is related to the condition of proctalgia. People suffering from this pain should contact a doctor immediately. The pain is caused by nerve pain in the buttocks and is often very uncomfortable.

The word “myalgia” comes from the Greek word “callipygian” and means “beautiful buttocks.” The word “pig-” is also found in many technical terms related to the 꽁머니.


Steatopygia of the Butt is a condition in which the buttocks are large and protrude from the midsection. It is an inherited trait found among small, isolated tribes. Diamond describes it in his book, Guns, Germs, and Steel.

Steatopygia is a condition wherein the buttocks are disproportionately fatty. Historically, the condition has been present in several human populations, including hunter-gatherer San groups of southern Africa and the Onge Andaman Islanders. Steatopygia of the Butt was also common among the Khoikhoi, a group of people who were known to Europeans as early as the 15th century. They were considered primitive groups at the time of European colonization.

Tree butt

Tree butt rot is a dangerous disease that affects all types of trees. It is caused by fungi that attack the tree’s root system. The affected tree will eventually die. In the meantime, its health will deteriorate. Tree butt rot can cause significant losses for tree owners and timber growers.

The most valuable timber trees have a cylinder-like form up their trunk. These trees are often found on wet sites. The wood in these trees is usually sound and suitable for non-construction materials. However, timber cutters should avoid cutting logs below the swell

Pocket dial

Pocket dialing, also called pocket call, is the result of making an unintentional call from a mobile phone. Usually, this happens when a user accidentally presses the send button in their pocket. The term can also be used as text message slang. However, you should not mistake pocket dialing for a booty call.

To prevent a pocket dial, install Androids, Smart Lock. It’s a free app that can prevent unwanted calls. It can also be turned off easily. To do this, go to Settings > Security & Location. Then, turn off the on-body detection. By disabling this feature, your phone won’t be able to detect your body.

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