What Are The Biggest Challenges In Welcoming HR Digital Transformation?

HR digital transformation

HR digital transformation is the craze of today. Companies see the advantages of technology and automation and want to be a part of the ever-growing tech world. Embracing technology has saved companies a lot of time and resources and all with a fraction of the manpower. Without a doubt, digital transformation is the future. Digital transformation has disrupted many industries, and before you know it, it will also affect human resources. 

HR digital transformation is already starting to gain momentum in many companies. Like with everything new, HR digital transformation still has a lot of scepticism. Many people are still not sure or knowledgeable enough about the benefits of digital transformation or how it will change the functionality of many processes in the workplace. These can pose various challenges to an organisation when it comes to implementing digital transformation in HR. 

uKnowva believes in a challenge-free interface to ensure that companies do not have any hiccups when implementing HR digital transformation. In this blog, we will see the major challenges with HR digital transformation and how to overcome them. 

4 Common Challenges With HR Digital Transformation And How To Deal With Them 

Difficulty in creating a culture to boost constant human connection for dispersed teams

With the struggles of the pandemic, companies started to hire remote employees. This opened the door to many opportunities because companies could hire talent from all over the world without being confined to a physical location. This also saved employers and employees from costs such as travel and electricity. The major challenge with this is that employees still need human connection. We saw the effects of working remotely in terms of burnout, anxiety, depression, or fatigue from meetings. 

Companies must create a culture where even remote employees do not feel left out. Keeping track of so many remote employees can be challenging too. 

uKnowva is designed for companies who want to move into the digital age. It helps companies to onboard and manage their remote talent so companies can stay connected to their workforce. An AI-backed and on-cloud social intranet also improves communication with remote teams. With that tool, HR teams can help companies stay focused on their goals and deliver the best results.

Everyone might not be on board 

Innovation and change are the virtues that bring our society to the forefront of development, but not everybody will feel that way. Despite all the technological innovations, people will still like doing things the old way. New ways of doing things might seem complicated for many people, especially if they have had a particular way of doing things. 

Also, with digital transformation, people can have a fear of being replaced. This can add to the feeling of negativity in the workplace. At the end of the day, HR teams are still human, and companies need to spread awareness of what HR digital transformation is and what it will look like.  

A change in management  

The beginning of HR challenges will bring many challenges for the management system. The older we get, the more the latest blend of tech with management will be difficult for many people. Managers will experience difficulties. They must modify their management approaches to fit the new corporate culture. This will be difficult for managers who have been using the same management approach for a long time. 

HR should lead initiatives and support managers in overcoming roadblocks to digital transformation as a result. Managers are responsible for assisting all employees, regardless of their position within the hierarchy. 

Making everything virtual 

There is no doubt that HR digital transformation will revolutionise industries worldwide, but a major challenge with this is that everything is now online. HRs will stop approaching employees with a personal feel. The human advantage is that we can communicate and connect with every person we interact with. 

With technology, we will lose that because now we aren’t connecting with individuals but focusing on goals and objectives and treating the workforce like machines. 

Companies need to have a balance. With this in mind, uKnowva has the perfect HRMS so that no employees are left out in the company. With the help of the happiness metre and conflict and grievance management system, all employees – remote and in the workplace – can address their needs so that everything is in balance with the organisation.  


With the change, there will always be challenges. How companies tackle these challenges with HR digital transformation will determine their success. With these challenges above in mind, uKnowva has created a simple and innovative way for HRs to embrace this technological change with an HRMS that caters to the workforce’s needs.

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