What to Look for in a Major Playground


A 메이저놀이터 can be a valuable social space for young children. As they play on the playground, they develop relationships with other children and learn to share and take turns. They also practice listening to other children and their cues. This helps them become better communicators. It can also help them become more respectful of other people.

It’s a school playground

Playgrounds have become an integral part of the school environment. They allow children to develop their social skills without the need for direct adult supervision. Often, children use school playgrounds in the afternoons, when they don’t have a class to attend. Children are not limited to playing on the playground; they may jump, run, and play basketball. They can also make up new games to play with their friends. Playgrounds should have a variety of surfaces to allow for various levels of play.

The social structure of a school playground is very similar to that of an animal community. In an active environment, dominant personalities emerge and take charge of play activities, often becoming de-facto pack leaders. Others are shuffled into the appropriate follower roles. Similar to animal behavior in the wild, playground social structures often break down when an outside predator enters the community.

It has a climbing tower

A Berlin playground is now home to a climbing tower called Triitopia. This multi-level structure lets children aged six climb up through four stacked steel-wire buckyballs and dangling rope ladders to a platform 10 meters above the forest floor. Parents can try to follow along with their young mountaineers, but be prepared to get left behind in the tight-woven mesh!

It’s a great place for young kids to exercise while learning about towers. This climbing tower also contains rope bridges, slides, and traditional playground equipment. It’s also connected to several other towers by bridges. Some towers even feature integrated climbing holds.

It has a sandbox

One of the most popular features of any playground is a sandbox. It’s fun to play in the sand, but it can be tricky to supervise children of different ages. Fortunately, some 메이저놀이터 have sandboxes for kids. In Upstate South Carolina, the weather can be quite hot during the day. So plan your visit for early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is at its lowest. For older kids, a splash pad could be a good option.

Another great option for a sandbox is to cover it. This is a great way to keep it cooler and cleaner. This will also make your playground or business look more professional. After all, parents are looking for clean playgrounds and daycares.

It has a tic-tac-toe game

Tic-tac-toe is a classic game that children love to play. This game can help kids develop their hand-eye coordination, develop critical thinking skills, and foster positive social interactions. While children can enjoy playing this game by themselves, it’s also beneficial to have a board game available for them to compete against other kids. Playing tic-tac-toe with friends can help kids develop important social skills and foster good sportsmanship.

Most children know how to play tic-tac-toe, and it’s an excellent game to develop social skills and encourage competition. A traditional tic-tac-toe board is a fun addition to any playground. It features nine rotating cylinders, each displaying an ‘X’ or ‘O’, or a blank space. Each kid takes a turn rotating the cylinders and marking their space.

It has a monkey bar

Monkey bars are a common addition to playground equipment. They are essentially horizontal ladders suspended from poles that kids can use to hop from bar to bar. Originally, monkey bars were part of larger jungle gyms that allowed kids to swing in many different directions. Today, monkey bars have been adapted to many different environments. For example, a “ring climber” is a variation of a monkey bar.

Several prominent doctors have expressed concerns about the safety of monkey bars and other traditional playground equipment. Some have even argued that traditional playground equipment isn’t necessary for children. Psychiatrist Dr. Harold Koplewicz, a child psychiatrist at Schneider Children’s Hospital, has said that children should have as much freedom as possible and that scolding them for playing on playground equipment defeats the purpose of freedom.

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