When life gets stuck in a rut


Sometimes, you like the lull in life, especially when followed by periods of heightened activity. However, when the lull becomes a constant state, it then becomes a matter for concern.

When you are stuck in a rut, it feels as if you are merely spending time, and not living your life. Every day starts off with the same pattern and ends just the same way.

You do not make any progress; your dreams and aspirations are on hold, indefinitely. You feel as if there is no energy or passion left within you. You lack fulfillment; there is no purpose to your listless existence. Even if you want to change this pattern, you cannot.

Whereas at times, the rut may be an indicator of mental health problems like depression, in which case you should consult a mental health expert like Psychiatrist in karachi, other times, it is simply a state that we are stuck in. It is

How to become unstuck?

If you think your life is stuck in a rut, you must take steps to remedy your condition. Some things to do in this regard include:

Add excitement

Think of the things that excite you. They can be something big like a vacation, or something banal like reading a book. Then, go ahead and do it. Do not waste time in the endless loop of planning that yields no result, but simply do it.

The spontaneity will help in uplifting your mood and break the cycle that you have been stuck in.

Disrupt the pattern

Try to change your routine to disrupt the pattern that has you feeling stuck. Try waking up early and going for a walk instead of your old routine.

When you do things you might not do otherwise, not only is the change refreshing, but you might also then stumble across things that help you be happy. You might then feel motivated to change the way you’re dealing with your life.


One way to stop the continuous cycle of unproductivity and zero progress is by setting goals. Make a list of small, achievable goals that move you towards what you aspire to be.

Make sure that your goals are time bound, so that you can monitor your progress. Then, start everyday with your list in front of you. Slowly and steadily, you will then make your way towards your goals, getting out of the rut in the process.

Reframe thinking

You might also be perceiving yourself to be in the rut because you tend to minimize your wins and maximize your losses. Therefore, it’s important have you reframe your thinking, whereby you look at everything objectively.

Physical activity

You can also start to get out of this phase by taking up exercise. When you are physically active, you have more energy. Moreover, try taking your workout outdoors, like walking in the park, trekking, cycling etc., so that you get to experience fresh air that helps in revitalizing the mind.


Humans are social animals. So, to remedy the feeling of being in a rut, try to connect with people. They can not only divert your mind to better things, offer you perspective, and uplift your mood, but the social connections might also encourage you to take steps for branching out, instead of being stuck in your situation.

Seek help

An important aspect of getting out of the rut is by understanding your state to begin with. You might be feeling stuck with regards to just one facet in your life, for example, your work, or it may be your life in general.

The feelings might emanate from your circumstances, or your mental health as well. Feeling down, not being motivated, crying, being hopeless are often signs of depression. Therefore, you must also consider getting help from the best Psychiatrist in Islamabad as well.

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