Why Do You Have Excruciating Foot Pain Leading to Extreme Discomfort?

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The human foot is quite complex and consists of several small bones, nerves, connective tissues, and muscles. Your feet manage the whole weight of your body when you stand or walk. However, constant stress as well as damage to some parts of your feet can lead to pain. The pain could be mild to severe depending on the stress or injury sustained.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, wearing the wrong type of shoes like flip-flops or ballet flats doesn’t have sufficient arch support. So, it’s essential to understand the major causes of foot pain to get appropriate treatment to reduce the pain and inflammation. Read this article to learn more.


Your big toe when forced inward due to wearing tight-fit shoes, you may experience foot pain. With time, a joint at the base of that big toe adjusts with the formation of a lean bump, thus keeping your toe in a bent position. The same condition will affect your smaller toes resulting in bunionettes.

Apart from the bump formation, bunions may become very painful. The base joint will get swollen or inflamed, and in critical cases, bunions may limit the movement of your toe. Then, the majority of bunions don’t need any special treatment. However, you need to consult a pain relief specialist if the pain is stubborn and starts affecting your movement.


Your feet bones may fracture due to multiple reasons like high-impact sports such as basketball and tennis, repetitive movement, jumping, falling, running, jogging, car crashes, osteoporosis, and stubbing of toes.

When your feet bones are fractured, you will feel pain and with the mentioned activities, the condition will worsen.  The common indications of broken feet are swelling, bruising, foot deformity, tenderness, and the incapability to endure the weight on your affected foot. In case there are painful symptoms, don’t hesitate to consult a pain management expert at Chattanooga Pain control clinic. You can click the location link below:

Ingrown toenails

This is a condition occurring when the toenail sides start growing into your skin adjoining the nails. It usually affects your big toe. As a result of the pressure, you can experience painful swelling of your soft tissue. In a few cases, the possibility of infections can’t be ruled out.

Ingrown toenails trouble you when your nail is quite curved or too near the nail bed. If you wear tight-fitting footwear, you will experience ingrown toenails. You can get relief from the swelling and pain by soaking your affected toe in lukewarm water. In case, the pain stays, you need to get in touch with a regenerative therapist near you.


Now that you why foot pain is caused, take care of it! If the pain is persistent, talk to a pain expert in town immediately. So, you see several reasons that result in foot pain. Fret not. There are remedies other than invasive surgery to deal with the problem. Regenerative therapy is the trend today and you should opt for it to get quick relief from foot pain and discomfort.

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