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You can also win free spins and rewards for scatter symbols whenever the book symbol appears on the reels three or more times. This triggers the bonus feature. They don’t have to be in the same position on a pay line for you to be eligible for the free spins 토토사이트or the bonuses. These free spins come with an additional function that will assist you in accumulating even more payouts than you would have otherwise. Before the free spins begin, the pages of the book will open to a page that is chosen at random.


You’ll find one of the Book of Darkness slot game symbols 토토사이트on the page you’re looking at now. It might be any symbol besides the book on its own.

When you are awarded free spins, an expanded version of the symbol that the book lands on will be used. When you have three or more of that symbol on the reels, it will expand to cover the entire reel vertically and take over the game.

You will be eligible for additional payments due to the expanded symbols because you will have numerous instances of the same symbol over different pay lines.

The free spins function

The free spins function is beneficial because it is simple to activate and provides huge potential for players to win money. We could not activate this feature during our work on this review of the Book of Dark slot machine.

Competition for the Power Feature

The Clash for Power is the name of the second online bonus feature that can be found in the Book of Darkness. Since there are only two ways to activate it, it is tough to set off.

To win, you need to line up the symbols of the huntress, the book, and the evil wizard in a horizontal line across the reels. The book should be located somewhere in the center.

If the book is located before or after both characters, if the symbols are aligned in a diagonal line, or if there is a gap between them, it will not be triggered.

Because of the strict alignment requirements for all three symbols, activating this bonus feature is incredibly challenging.

If you have the good fortune to get the symbols in the correct order, the Clash for Power combat will start with an announcement made by the authoritative voice that was heard at the start of the game.

The huntress and the dark wizard will compete with one another to control the power in the Book of Darkness. Before the fight begins, you must decide which of the two characters you believe will come out on top.

After you have decided what to do, the reels will begin their spins automatically. They will continue to rotate until one of the characters emerges victorious from the fight. This often takes between fifteen and twenty revolutions to accomplish.

You have the opportunity to earn prizes along the journey. On the other hand, you will care a lot more about keeping track of whose side is prevailing in the fight. How exactly does one of the characters come out on top?


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